NOMAD – 19 (3-4)


Volume 19, No 3-4, October 2014


Mark Hoover, Reidar Mosvold and Janne Fauskanger
Common tasks of teaching as a resource for measuring professional content knowledge internationally

Björg Jóhannsdóttir and Berglind Gísladóttir
Exploring the mathematical knowledge of prospective elementary teachers in Iceland using the MKT measures

Janne Fauskanger and Reidar Mosvold
Studying teachers’ knowledge by the use of multiple-choice items: the case of ”I’m not sure”

Hege Kaarstein
Norwegian mathematics teachers’ and educational researchers’ perception of MPCK items used in the TEDS-M study

Cecilia Kilhamn
When does a variable vary? Identifying mathematical content knowledge for teaching variables

Frode Opsvik og Leif Bjørn Skorpen
Matematisk kvalitet i undervisning

Bodil Kleve and Ida Heiberg Solem
Aspects of a teacher’s mathematical knowledge in his orchestration of a discussion about rational numbers

Arne Jakobsen, C. Miguel Ribeiro and Maria Mellone
Norwegian prospective teachers’ MKT when interpreting pupils’ productions on a fraction task

Ove Gunnar Drageset
Knowledge used when orchestrating mathematical discourses – doing, guiding and requesting

Bjørn Smestad, Uffe Thomas Jankvist and Kathleen Clark
Teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching in relation to the inclusion of history of mathematics in teaching

Jorryt van Bommel
The teaching of mathematical knowledge for teaching – a learning study of primary school teacher education

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