NOMAD – 28 (3-4)

Volume 28, No 3-4,
December 2023




Uffe Thomas Jankvist, Morten Misfeldt, Eirini Geraniou, Mario Sánchez Aguilar and Anna Baccaglini-Frank
Abstract: Towards a technocritical mathematics education
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 Stine Gerster Johansen
Abstract: Allgemeinbildung and digital technologies in mathematics education: a review
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Francesca Granone and Elin Reikerås
Abstract: Teachers’ support for children’s mathematical learning through interactions while playing with a coding toy
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Mirela Vinerean, Yvonne Liljekvist, Matthias Brandl and Johannes Przybilla
Abstract: Didactical usefulness of interactive mathematical maps – designing activities supporting prospective teachers’ learnin
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Tamsin Meaney, Hilja L. Huru and Mona Kvivesen
Abstract: Preservice and inservice teachers’ views on digital tools for diverse learners in mathematics education
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Cecilie Carlsen Bach
Abstract: A set of design principles for exercising mathematical communication competency when using a DGE
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Ingi Heinesen Højsted
Abstract: Proof as an explanation of dynamic geometry generated conjectures – task design in a toolbox puzzle approach
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Mathilde Kjær Pedersen
Abstract: The use of DGE and CAS to support mathematical thinking competency: a literature review
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Andreas Borg and Maria Fahlgren
Abstract: Analysing mathematical programming schemes using different lenses
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Raimundo Elicer and Andreas Lindenskov Tamborg
Abstract: From policy to resources: programming, computational thinking and mathematics in the Danish curriculum
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Barbro Grevholm
Anna Sierpinska död

Innehåll: Johan Häggström

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