Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is announced at the NORMA conferences. The prize is awarded to a paper published in NOMAD in the three year period before the conference. The editors nominate one paper each. The Editorial committee functions as the jury, and select the article of highest quality.



2024 (best paper 2020–2022)

Inger Eriksson, Jenny Fred, Anna-Karin Nordin, Martin Nyman and Sanna Wettergren

Eriksson, I., Fred, J., Nordin, A.-K., Nyman, M. & Wettergren, S. (2021). Tasks, tools, and mediated actions – promoting collective theoretical work on algebraic expressions. Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education, 26 (3-4), 29–52. [PDF]

2020 (best paper 2017–2019)

Abdel Seidouvy, Ola Helenius and Maike Schindler

Seidouvy, A., Helenius, O. & Schindler, M. (2019). Authority in students’ peer collaboration in statistics: an empirical study based on inferentialism. Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education, 24 (2), 25–48. [PDF]

2017 (best paper 2014–2016)

Andreas Lorange and Reinert Rinvold

Lorange, A. & Rinvold, R. A. (2014). Students’ strategies of expanding fractions to a common denominator – a semiotic perspective. Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education, 19 (2), 57–75. [PDF]

2014 (best paper 2011–2013)

Magnus Österholm

Österholm, M. (2011). To translate between different perspectives in belief research: a comparison between two studies. Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education, 16 (1-2), 57–76. [PDF]