NOMAD – 17 (3-4)


Volume 17, No 3-4, December 2012


Erkki Pehkonen
Research on mathematical beliefs. The birth and growth of the MAVI group in 1995–2012

Peter Liljedahl, Susan Oesterle and Christian Bernèche
Stability of beliefs in mathematics education: a critical analysis

Anu Laine, Liisa Näveri, Maija Ahtee, Markku S. Hannula and Erkki Pehkonen
Emotional atmosphere in third-graders’ mathematics classroom – an analysis of pupils’ drawings

Inés Mª Gómez-Chacón
Affective pathways and interactive visualization in the context of technological and professional mathematical knowledge

Chiara Andrà and Guido Magnano
Interplay of cognition and affect in undergraduate math students’ careers: insights from recursive partitioning

Fulvia Furinghetti, Chiara Maggiani and Francesca Morselli
How mathematics students perceive the transition from secondary to tertiary level with particular reference to proof

Cristina Coppola, Pietro Di Martino, Tiziana Pacelli and Cristina Sabena
Primary teachers’ affect: a crucial variable in the teaching of mathematics

Sonja Lutovac and Raimo Kaasila
Dialogue between past and future mathematical identities

Hanna Palmér
(In)consistent? The mathematics teaching of a novice primary school teacher

Päivi Portaankorva-Koivisto
Prospective mathematics teachers’ metaphors for mathematics, teaching, and the teacher’s role

Madis Lepik, Anita Pipere and Markku S. Hannula
Comparing mathematics teachers’ beliefs about good teaching: the cases of Estonia, Latvia and Finland

Igor’ Kontorovich and Boris Koichu
Feeling of innovation in expert problem posing