NOMAD – 26 (3-4)

Volume 26, No 3-4, October 2021


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Camilla Björklund and Anna-Lena Ekdahl
Learning to teach mathematics in preschool through theory-driven interventions
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Inger Eriksson, Jenny Fred, Anna-Karin Nordin, Martin Nyman and Sanna Wettergren
Tasks, tools, and mediated actions – promoting collective theoretical work on algebraic expressions
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Janne Fauskanger and Raymond Bjuland
Opportunities to learn ambitious mathematics teaching from co-planning instruction
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Charlotte Krog Skott, Louise Laursen Falkenberg and Ida Redder Honoré
New mathematics teachers’ learning when participating in induction on mathematics education – a case study of two lower secondary teachers
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Pernilla Mårtensson and Anna-Lena Ekdahl
Variation theory and teaching experiences as tools to generate knowledge about teaching and learning mathematics – the case of pre-service teachers
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Hanna Palmér and Jorryt van Bommel
Teachers’ participation in practice based research – a methodological retrospect
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Anna Ida Säfström, Björn Palmberg, Carina Granberg, Johan Sidenvall and Johan Lithner
Initiating teacher-researcher collaboration to support students’ mathematical problem-solving
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Anita Tyskerud
Utvikling av matematikkundervisning – en kommognitiv analyse av rutiner i klasserommet
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Mark Hoover and Deborah Loewenberg Ball
Practice-based research on the teaching of mathematics: progress and imperatives for the future
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Hamsa Venkat
Practice-based research on mathematics teaching: A developmental turn?
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