Let’s use tau – It’s easier than pi

A growing movement argues that killing pi would make mathematics simpler, easier and even more beautiful.

At its heart, pi refers to a semicircle, whereas tau refers to the circle in its entirety. Mathematician and poet Mike Keith once wrote a 10,000 word poem dedicated to the first 10,000 digits of pi. He is now a proponent of tau. According to a PBS article from last year, he said that thinking in terms of pi is like reaching your destination and saying you’re twice halfway there.

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Rough terrain? No problem for beaver-inspired autonomous robot

Researchers are using stigmergy, a biological phenomenon that has been used to explain everything from the behavior of termites and beavers to the popularity of Wikipedia, to build new problem-solving autonomous robots.

While the project involves animals and robots, its main focus is math: specifically, developing new algorithms — the sets of rules that self-governing machines need to make sense of their environment and solve problems.

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Ny skulptur på plats i parken

För första gången på fem år invigs idag ett nytt konstverk i skulpturparken Kivik Art Centre på Österlen. Verket är Nine Towers (for Jene), av den amerikanske konstnären Sol Lewitt (1928-2007).
– Det är en väldigt strikt geometrisk figur. Alla Sol LeWitts verk utgår ifrån geometri och matematik. Han kallar ju själv sina verk, inte för skulpturer utan strukturer.

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John Hattie is wrong

He is famous for a book, Visible Learning, which claims to review every area of research that relates to teaching and learning. He uses a method called “meta-meta-analysis,” averaging effect sizes from many meta-analyses. The book ranks factors from one to 138 in terms of their effect sizes on achievement measures.

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