A powerful hunger for evidence-proven technology

Computers are certainly effective at teaching students to use technology, but can they teach the core curriculum of elementary or secondary schools?

In a series of reviews in the Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE; www.bestevidence.org), my colleagues and I have reviewed research on the impacts of technology-infused methods on reading, mathematics, and science, in elementary and secondary schools.

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Ny bok utvärderar digitaliseringen i skolan och levererar fem konkreta tips

Teresa Cerratto Pargman, Stockholms universitet, och Isa Jahnke, University of Missouri, är redaktörer och medförfattare till en ny antologi om digitaliseringen i skolan: Emergent Practices and Material Conditions in Learning and Teaching with Technologies. I 14 kapitel vill redaktörer och författare lyfta debatten från att handla om de digitala plattformarna som ett separat verktyg till deras plats i hela skolsystemet och undervisningens vardag.

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Digital feedback in primary maths

The Education Endowment Foundation in the UK has published an evaluation of Digital Feedback in Primary Maths, a program that aims to improve primary school teachers’ feedback to students.
The results of the evaluation found no evidence that students taking part in the program made more progress in math, on average (effect size = -0.04), than a similar group of students who did not.

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Rapporten/The evaluation report: Digital Feedback in Primary Maths

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