Shape-shifting sheets

Mathematical framework turns any sheet of material into any shape using kirigami cuts. Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a mathematical framework that can turn any sheet of material into any prescribed shape, inspired by the paper craft kirigami (from the Japanese, kiri, meaning to cut and kami, meaning paper).

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Where teachers thrive: Organizing school for success

Susan Moore Johnson has spent a lifetime studying teachers in their workplaces. In her new book, Where Teachers Thrive: Organizing Schools for Success, she helps us understand more about how context matters.

To emphasize the central importance of the environment of schools for teachers, when the research team “compared schools demographically similar, we found higher rates of student growth in the schools rated more favorably by their teachers” (p. 10).

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The teachers we need, the teachers we can get

A new report from the Oklahoma Department of Education confirmed that that state has lost 30,000 teachers in the past six years, a significant number in a state that employs a total of only 41,000 teachers.

Response to teacher flight in Oklahoma, as in other states, has focused on finding warm bodies to fill classrooms, not on teacher quality. As a result, the neediest students in Oklahoma are being taught by the least qualified teachers.

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