NOMAD – 25 (2)

Volume 25, No 2, March 2020


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Natasja Steen, Matilde Stenhøj Madsen og Tomas Højgaard
Potentialer og begrænsninger ved anvendelse af lærebøger
i matematikundervisningen: resultater fra et systematisk review


Paul Andrews
Swedish primary teacher education students’ perspectives on linear equations


Kristina Palm Kaplan and Johan Prytz
Conservative and transformative changes in algebra in Swedish lower secondary textbooks 1995–2015


Ingi Heinesen Højsted
Guidelines for utilizing affordances of dynamic geometry environments to support development of reasoning competency


Uffe Thomas Jankvist and Mogens Niss
Fostering an intimate interplay between research and practice: Danish ”maths counsellors” for upper secondary school