California’s positive outliers: Districts beating the odds

In this report, we summarize the results of a quantitative analysis that identifies districts in which students of color, as well as their White peers, have demonstrated extraordinary levels of academic achievement, measured by California’s new assessments in English language arts and mathematics, taking into account race and family income and education levels.

These results show, for the first time, which California districts and communities appear to have best supported the academic achievement of students in the first 3 years of the new assessments, controlling for the socioeconomic status of families in each district. We also examine some of the factors associated with their success.

We find that, aside from socioeconomic status, a major predictor of student achievement is the preparedness of teachers. The proportion of teachers holding less than a full credential (i.e., an intern credential, temporary or short-term permit, or waiver for their teaching position) shows a strong negative association with student achievement for all student groups.

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