NOMAD – 20 (1)


Volume 20, No 1, March 2015


Anneli Dyrvold, Ewa Bergqvist and Magnus Österholm
Uncommon vocabulary in mathematical tasks in relation to demand of reading ability and solution frequency

Andreas Ebbelind and Cecilia Segerby
Systemic functional linguistics as a methodological tool in mathematics education research

Gunnar Sjöberg, Eva Silfver and Anette Bagger
Disciplined by tests

Charlotte Krog Skott og Camilla Hellsten Østergaard
Lektionsstudier i dansk læreruddannelse

Mette Andresen
Message from the Chair of the NoRME board

Mario Sánchez Aguilar
Where’s the ”math” in ”mathematics education”? Review of ”Mathematics and mathematicseducation: searching for common ground”

Due to unfortunate circumstances the book review will be published in print in no. 2 this volume

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