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Volume 21, No 4, December 2016


Tamsin Meaney
Locating learning of toddlers in the individual/society and mind/body divides

Julie Sarama, Douglas H. Clements, Christopher B. Wolfe and Mary Elaine Spitler
Professional development in early mathematics: effects of an intervention based on learning trajectories on teachers’ practices

Elin Reikerås
Central skills in toddlers’ and pre-schoolers’ mathematical development, observed in play and everyday activities

Per-Einar Sæbbe and Reidar Mosvold
Initiating a conceptualization of the professional work of teaching mathematics in kindergarten in terms of discourse

Jorryt van Bommel and Hanna Palmér
Young children exploring probability – with focus on their documentations

Camilla Björklund and Wolmet Barendregt
Teachers’ pedagogical mathematical awareness in diverse child-age-groups

Trude Fosse
What characterises mathematical conversations in a Norwegian kindergarten?

Ola Helenius, Maria L. Johansson, Troels Lange, Tamsin Meaney and Anna Wernberg
Measuring temperature within the didaktic space of preschool

Hanna Palmér and Camilla Björklund
Different perspectives on possible – desirable – plausible mathematics learning in preschool

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