Journals and books

A central part of the NCM enterprise is the Nämnaren Project. The project is aimed at teachers, teacher trainers, researchers and the staff responsable for basic education, further education and development work - and consists of different parts:

the journal for mathematics education, publishes four issues annually. Plans are made for a fifth issue in English. In December 2000 a new book was published, "Matematikk & undervisning, Norden 2000". On the occasion of the World Mathematics Year, 2000, the editors for the Nordic journals have decided to publish a book about "Mathematics education in the Nordic classroom. Year 2000". Studies at different ages are described - from six-year-olds to trainee teachers. The purpose is to stimulate communication concerning the development of mathematics as a subject in the Scandinavian countries. The book has been forwarded to all subscribers of Nämnaren as a gift to mark the occasion of the World Mathematics Year 2000.

Nämnaren on the web
inclusive of Nämnaren's data base, a searchable data base which can be located via the NCM web site. The data base contains an outline of approximately 2300 articles published since the start in 1974.

began with some smaller projects followed up by the National Agency for Education project for support and stimulance material for teachers (1993-95). The aim was to analyse the news, facilitate interpretation of the curriculum and evaluation, deal with the area of weaknesses in the field of Swedish mathematics education in compulsory and upper secondary schools documented in Swedish and international studies. The responsibility for this work was transferred in 1995 to the Nämnaren project. So far, four books have been published, and three more are in preparation. The series is a result of cooperation between researchers, teacher educators and teachers.

The Mathematics Biennial 2000 - Time For Mathematics
One of the first assignments of the NCM was to organise and implement the 11th mathematics biennial in Göteborg 27-29 January, 2000 - up to now the biggest biennial. 280 lecturers provided 334 programme points for 5000 participants.
 Three students were invited from every teacher training area; in return they brought exhibition materials about their own education. Special seminars were built into the programme for the exchange of experiences between 170 students from different universities, and between students and the NCM.
 A Research conference for 130 participants in collaboration with the Swedish Association for Mathematics Education Research, SMDF and NCM started. International researchers from 16 different countries participated and took part later in the biennial. The documentation is produced by SMDF with support from NCM.
 Ten discussion groups with a total of 500 participants were initiated within chosen problem areas where the possibilities for improvement are considerable. The conference site on the NCM web site will be available. The discussions will hopefully lead to a mapping of the needs of competence development and development work within the respective areas.

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