Workshop April 17, 2018

NOMAD as a resource for mathematics education research in the Nordic countries

Workshop for doctoral students in mathematics education

The 7th workshop for doctoral students led by the editors of NOMAD will be held in Gothenburg April 17, 2018. PhD students in mathematics education from the Nordic and Baltic countries are invited to submit a draft of a paper for NOMAD, which they will have the opportunity to present and discuss during the workshop.

The deadline for submissions is set to March 15, 2018. The submitted papers will be distributed among the participants shortly after submission, and each participant will be asked to make a review of one other paper before the workshop, according to certain guidelines. Each paper will also be read by one or more of the editors of NOMAD, who during group discussions will give feedback on the paper considering a possible publication in NOMAD.

More information is provided in the Invitation