Länkar / Links

Links used or referred to during the course:
1–10 in many languages
About NCM in English
The PLA report, a document that describes …
M. C. Escher´s official webbsite
Fishing huts (Someone asked for the photo)
Mindmap, English, with teacher´s text
Mindmap, English, without teacher´s text
Mindmap, Spanish
About linking cubes
Association of Teachers of Mathematics (England)
Links to companies selling hands-on materials (Swedish companies)
Links to companies selling hands-on materials (Not Swedish companies)
About the game ”Who has …?"
About the game ”Who has …?"
About the game ”Who has …?", in Spanish
Geometrical bookmark, only in Swedish
Research Group for Assessment of Knowledge and Competence
Assessment matrix. Astrid Pettersson © PRIM-gruppen The National Tests and National Assessment in Sweden
Hands-on maths literature in English
Mathematics and handicraft. In Swedish and Norwegian but with a lot of photos
The legend about Magic Squares, in Spanish
Webbmatte A recently started and ongoing project in Stockholm. Basic mathematical concepts are explained at a website and translated to the most frequently immigrant languages in Sweden. Spanish is one of them.
The solution to the fish problem Look at page 6
Tower of Hanoi / Torres de Hanoi, rules in Spanish
From maths hands-on workshops in Swedish schools, showing WHAT they could look like Click on ”Titta på bilderna (2.92 MB) >>” and ”Titta på bilderna (5.01 MB) >>”
X-cubes, a description in Swedish but with a lot of photos

Other links:
Programa de Formaçao Continua em Matematica – 2006/2007
Mundo Docente
Psicolgia y pedagogia
EdHelper, Spanish

Nuevo 2010
Practicar la geometría