About NCM

This page provides information in English about the National centre for mathematics education, NCM.

NCM is the Swedish national resource centre for mathematics. Its main task is to support the development of Swedish mathematics education. It is one of a number of centres for different school subjects established by the government over the last 15 years. NCM does not come under the auspices of any state authority, but is an independent body at Göteborg University.

In 1999 the Swedish government decided to establish a national resource center for mathematics education at Göteborg university. The center would co-ordinate, support, develop and implement the contributions which promote Swedish mathematics education from pre-school to university college.

The center would also utilize the experiences and the knowledge base which has evolved within the framework of the Nämnaren project which started as a journal for mathematics education in 1974. After years of planning, the first issue of a second journal, Nordic Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, NOMAD, was launched in the fall of 1993.

Among those working at NCM, are people with experience from the national school curriculum, syllabus and test development work, national and international assessment and conference activities, national and local research and competence development projects. Also people with knowledge of ICT and distance learning, teacher training and supplementary education, text book production for both teachers and students, work in pre-school, pre-school classes, all the levels of the nine-year compulsory school, upper secondary school and as remedial teachers. In addition, there are researchers in mathematics and mathematics education.

Current work
Our current projects include, among other, the publication of the two journals, Nämnaren and NOMAD and literature for both pre-service and in-service training. We also participate in and arrange seminars, courses and conferences. Our current largest undertaking, together with the National board of education, is the in-service project Matematiklyftet, which aims at reaching all teachers of mathematics during a four-year period.

For further reading on our resources and different activities, see our web site.