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  1. NOMAD – 22(4), 2017

    Volume 22, No 4, December 2017

    Volume 22, No 4, December 2017



    Simon Goodchild and Barbara Jaworski
    Developing practice through research into university mathematics education

    Angeliki Mali and Georgia Petropoulou
    Characterising undergraduate mathematics teaching across settings and countries: an analytical framework

    Suela Kacerja, Toril Eskeland Rangnes, Rune Herheim, Meinrad Pohl, Inger Elin Lilland and Ragnhild Hansen
    Stimulating critical mathematical discussions in teacher education: use of indices such as the BMI as entry points

    Mervi A. Asikainen, Antti Viholainen, Mika Koponen and Pekka E. Hirvonen
    Finnish entry-level students’ views of teacher knowledge and the characteristics of a good mathematics teacher

    Sinéad Breen, Niclas Larson, Ann O’Shea and Kerstin Pettersson
    A study of students’ concept images of inverse functions in Ireland and Sweden

    Margrethe Naalsund and Joakim Skogholt
    Oral presentations as a tool for promoting metacognitive regulation in real analysis

    Stephanie Treffert-Thomas, Olov Viirman, Paul Hernandez-Martinez and Yuriy Rogovchenko
    Mathematics lecturers’ views on the teaching of mathematical modelling

    Ian Jones and David Sirl
    Peer assessment of mathematical understanding using comparative judgement

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