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  1. NOMAD – 25(3-4), 2020

    Volume 25, No 3-4, October 2020


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    Lena Lindenskov and Pia Beck Tonnesen
    A logical model for interventions for students in mathematics difficulties – improving professionalism and mathematical confidence

    Juuso Henrik Nieminen
    Student conceptions of assessment accommodations in university mathematics: an analysis of power

    Leif Bjørn Skorpen
    What the teachers and the students do and how they interact – a comparison of special education teaching and ordinary teaching in mathematics

    Catarina Andersson
    Formative assessment – from the view of special education teachers in mathematics

    Helena Roos, Maria Lindfors and Anette Bagger
    Educational settings in relation to special educational needs in mathematics

    Cecilia Segerby
    Mind the gap between students and their mathematical textbooks

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  2. NOMAD 25(3-4), 2020

    A logical model for interventions for students in mathematics difficulties – improving professionalism and mathematical confidence

    Lena Lindenskov and Pia Beck Tonnesen

    This article describes elements in a Danish model for interventions in mathematics for students in mathematics difficulties. The authors have been core members of the intervention development team for the last decade. The aim of the interventions is to support the students and teachers involved and to be an instrument for municipalities and schools to improve mathematics culture. In the article, we start by sketching a couple of political level incentives and by outlining the pilot study and two large-scale experiments in which the model was implemented and expanded. We then present the research question that guides the article. In the main section, we present the logical model, which consists of nine boxes of inputs, processes and outputs. In order to illustrate viewpoints and ideas behind the boxes and their implementation, we have chosen to include some extracts from identification and teaching materials and some data collected through the pilot study and the experiments. We only address the many other existing intervention models to the extent that comparing characteristics helps to clarity characteristics in our own model. We conclude the article by claiming that an open standard to deal with students’ mathematics difficulties, and which is based on high expectations for students, teachers and schools, has been developed.

    Lena Lindenskov
    Lena Lindenskov is associate professor in mathematics education at Aarhus University, DPU – Danish School of Education, teaching at the master study in mathematics education. She has a Ph.D. in mathematics education. The title of her thesis is “Everyday knowledge and mathematics learning in school”. Her research mainly concerns children, adoles- cents and adults who are vulnerable in mathematics, within perspectives of justification and meaningfulness.

    Pia Beck Tonnesen
    Pia Beck Tonnesen is associate professor in mathematics education at the University College Copenhagen, Department of Teacher Education. Her field of expertise is early interventions studies for students experiencing mathematics difficulties in primary and lower secondary school.

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