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  1. NOMAD 25(2), 2020

    Fostering an intimate interplay between research and practice: Danish ”maths counsellors” for upper secondary school

    Uffe Thomas Jankvist and Mogens Niss

    The gap between research and practice is a well-known problem (and topic) in educational research, and not least in mathematics education research. This empirically based article discusses the effects of a particular attempt to foster a closer connection between research and practice by involving mathematics education research findings in the activities of selected Danish upper secondary school mathematics teachers, who (have) take(n) part in a research-based so-called ”maths counsellors” in-service teacher programme. A key aspect of the programme is to make the activation of research findings a mere necessity for significant aspects of the maths counsellors’ practice. To illustrate the teachers’ research-based work, the article presents six characteristic examples from the implementation of the programme, i.e. authentic examples of how prospective maths counsellors have identified students with mathematics specific learning difficulties, have diagnosed the nature of these difficulties, and how they have designed interventions to help the students overcome them. A discussion of how these activities draw upon and are grounded in mathematics education research findings serve as a basis for evaluating the ”model” behind this further education programme.

    Uffe Thomas Jankvist
    Uffe Thomas Jankvist is professor of mathematics education at Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark. His research interests involve the use of history of mathematics in mathematics education, digital technologies in the teaching and learning of mathematics, the role of interdisciplinarity when teaching mathematics, students’ mathematics specific learning difficulties, and – more recently – implementation research related to mathematics education. He is currently a member of the board of European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (ERME).

    Mogens Niss
    Mogens Niss is emeritus professor of mathematics and mathematics education at Roskilde University, Denmark. His research interests focus on mathematical competencies, the didactics of mathematical modelling, the nature and history of mathematics education as a research domain, the justification problem in mathematics education, and – more recently – on students’ mathematics specific learning difficulties. He was the secretary general of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction 1991–1998.

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  2. NOMAD – 25(2), 2020

    Volume 25, No 2, March 2020


    [PDF] displays the full text pdf. The two most recent volumes are password protected. Use ”Open access” in the menu for full text of older articles.


    Natasja Steen, Matilde Stenhøj Madsen og Tomas Højgaard
    Potentialer og begrænsninger ved anvendelse af lærebøger
    i matematikundervisningen: resultater fra et systematisk review


    Paul Andrews
    Swedish primary teacher education students’ perspectives on linear equations

    Kristina Palm Kaplan and Johan Prytz
    Conservative and transformative changes in algebra in Swedish lower secondary textbooks 1995–2015

    Ingi Heinesen Højsted
    Guidelines for utilizing affordances of dynamic geometry environments to support development of reasoning competency

    Uffe Thomas Jankvist and Mogens Niss
    Fostering an intimate interplay between research and practice: Danish ”maths counsellors” for upper secondary school

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