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  1. NOMAD – 25(1), 2020

    Volume 25, No 1, March 2020


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    Camilla Sjölander Nordin
    Avtryck i problemlösningsundervisning – en fenomenografisk studie

    Raimundo Elicer
    Meanings of decision-making in probability and statistics: comparing Chilean and Danish upper secondary school curricula

    Helge Fredriksen and Said Hadjerrouit
    Exploring engineering students’ participation in flipped mathematics classroom: a discursive approach

    Anne Birgitte Fyhn og Håkon Robertsen
    Kystfiskermatematikk og skolematematikk: to ulike perspektiver på hva ei méd er

    Jenny Svanteson Wester and Angelika Kullberg
    Understanding the relationship between length and area when changing the size of a two-dimensional geometric figure

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  2. NOMAD 25(1), 2020

    Exploring engineering students’ participation in flipped mathematics classroom: a discursive approach

    Helge Fredriksen and Said Hadjerrouit

    This paper explores first-year engineering students’ participation in flipped mathematics classroom. The work uses Sfard’s commognitive framework both as a lens for conceptualizing learning as participation in mathematical discourse and as a methodology for analysing the data generated by the activities that build the mathematical discourse. Data was collected mainly by video recording of classroom activities of first-year engineering students enrolled in several mathematics courses at a Norwegian university in 2016/2017. The aim of the study is to add to the lack of research on participation in flipped mathematics classrooms at the university level. The paper argues that engagement in the videos out-of-class enhances students’ participation in the mathematical discourse. The commognitive analysis comparing out-of-class videos and in-class activities show that there are indications of student learning through expansion of the discourse in the videos and enhanced participation in mathematical activities.

    Helge Fredriksen
    Helge Fredriksen received his master in physics from University of Tromsø in 1994. In addition to being a PhD Research Fellow at Agder University, Kristiansand, he holds a position as Assistant Professor at The Arctic University of Norway, campus Bodø. Fredriksen has research interests in active learning strategies in mathematics such as flipped classrooms. Additionally he participates in various R&D activities in information and communication technologies.

    Said Hadjerrouit
    Said Hadjerrouit received the MS and PhD degrees in informatics from the Technical University of Berlin (Germany), in 1985 and 1992, respectively. He joined Agder University, Kristiansand (Norway) in 1991. He is currently Professor of Mathematics Education at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He has been in the teaching profession for 30 years. His research interests include Web design, didactics of informatics, ICT and learning, e-Learning, digital tools in mathematics education, Web 2.0 technologies, and teaching and learning theories in mathematics education.

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