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  1. NOMAD – 24(2), 2019

    Volume 24, No 2, June 2019


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    Trond Stølen Gustavsen and Olav Gravir Imenes
    Investigating the fit of a model for students’ understanding of fractions in a Norwegian context

    Abdel Seidouvy, Ola Helenius and Maike Schindler
    Authority in students’ peer collaboration in statistics: an empirical study based on inferentialism

    Svanhild Breive
    Engaging children in mathematical discourse: a kindergarten teacher’s multimodal participation

    Kristina Juter
    University students’ general and specific beliefs about infinity, division by zero and denseness of the number line

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  2. NOMAD 24(2), 2019

    Engaging children in mathematical discourse: a kindergarten teacher’s multimodal participation

    Svanhild Breive

    This article reports from a case study which investigates a kindergarten teacher’s multimodal participation in a teaching-learning activity involving addition and counting. By multimodal participation the kindergarten teacher engages nine children (age 4.9–5.9) in mathematical discourse and supports their opportunities for learning. Implications for practice are that kindergarten teachers (and school teachers) can benefit from being consciously aware of the affects their bodily actions have on children’s mathematical reasoning and how they can engage children in mathematical discourse without having to ”teach” (i.e., tell) children mathematical concepts and relations. The article also considers how kindergarten teachers can prepare for a smooth transition to school by introducing children to mathematics through semi-structured activities.

    Svanhild Breive
    Svanhild Breive defended her PhD thesis at University of Agder in June 2019. She has then been employed as Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education at University of South-Eastern Norway. Her key research interests are mathematics teaching and learning in kindergarten.

    Skapad: 2019-06-19 kl. 16:04

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