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  1. NOMAD 23(2), 2018

    Disciplinary competence descriptions for external use

    Jens Højgaard Jensen and Uffe Thomas Jankvist

    The article addresses the need for competence descriptions of disciplines as a means for fostering more productive communication between different disciplines and between the disciplines and their surroundings. It is argued that the usual competence descriptions devised for use within a discipline itself, e.g. in relation to teaching and learning of the discipline – so-called competence descriptions for internal use – are not the best means to achieve this. The same is true for the general, non-disciplinary competence descriptions. Instead, specially devised disciplinary competence descriptions for external use are called for. Our main illustration is a competence description of mathematics for external use devised so that it can support the dialogue about justi cation of mathematics education between the discipline’s practitioners and its recipients. This description for external use is counterposed with one for internal use i.e. that of the Danish KOM project. It is also counterposed with a competence description for external use for physics, taking into account the different justification problem of physics education. Together these two descriptions showcase how competence descriptions of disciplines for external use may support interdisciplinary collaboration and division of labor in the educational system.

    Jens Højgaard Jensen
    Jens Højggard Jensen is associate professor in physics at Roskilde University. For many years he was involved in the governing of Roskilde University in various positions. Besides publications with more specific physics content he has published on university politics, general didactics, science didactics, and interdisciplinarity.

    Uffe Thomas Jankvist
    Uffe Thomas Jankvist is professor with special responsibilities in mathematics education at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. He has published on the use of history of mathematics in mathematics education, technology in mathematics education, interdisciplinarity, and students’ learning difficulties in mathematics. Besides teaching and supervising future mathematics teacher educators at the Danish School of Education, he is also part of the Danish research-based ”maths counsellor” upper secondary teacher program at Roskilde University.

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  2. NOMAD – 23(2), 2018

    Volume 23, No 2, June 2018


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    Jens Højgaard Jensen and Uffe Thomas Jankvist
    Disciplinary competence descriptions for external use

    Jan Roksvold
    Læreres utbytte av kunnskap om hjernen

    Anita Tyskerud and Reidar Mosvold
    Scrutinizing teacher-learner interactions on volume

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