NOMAD 22(3), 2017

Skapad: 2017-09-21. Ändrad: 2017-09-21  

NOMAD 22(3), 2017

Analysing genomgång: a Swedish mathematics teaching lesson event

Paul Andrews and Niclas Larson


In this paper, drawing on group interviews focused on Swedish upper secondary students’ perspectives on school mathematics, we analyse participants’ use of the noun genomgång. Loosely translated as a ”whole class event during which the teacher goes through something” and for which there is no English equivalent, the word was used by both interviewers and interviewees even when referring to di erent forms of whole class activity. Analyses identi ed four broad categories of genomgång based on their form and function. With respect to form, genomgångs were either transmissive or participative. With respect to function they were either instructional or problem solving.

Paul Andrews

Paul Andrews is Professor of Mathematics Education at Stockholm University. His current research is focused on the development of foundational number sense in year one students in England and Sweden (a project funded by the Swedish Research Council); Cypriot, Norwegian and Swedish teacher education students’ understanding of linear equations; Norwegian and Swedish upper secondary students’ perspectives on the nature and purpose of school mathematics; and the extent to which PISA misreports Swedish students’ mathematical competence.

Niclas Larson

Niclas Larson is an associate professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway. His research interest lies in the teaching and learning of mathematics at secondary or university level. Current projects deal with students’ understanding of proof by mathematical induction and the understanding of the concept of inverse function respectively. His methodological and theoretical standpoints are varied and driven by current research questions.