NOMAD 21(4), 2016

Skapad: 2016-12-12. Ändrad: 2016-12-12  

NOMAD 21(4), 2016

Teachers’ pedagogical mathematical awareness in diverse child-age-groups

Camilla Björklund and Wolmet Barendregt


In this study we investigate preschool teachers’ attention to number sense, number sequence, geometrical shapes and patterns, and their pedagogical awareness regarding these areas in their work with younger and older preschool children. The specific research questions are: Are there differences in teachers’ attention to the different mathematical content areas depending on the age group they are teaching? And if mathematical content areas show differences between age groups, what pedagogical awareness levels constitute these differences? The study shows that the frequency of working with mathematical content is higher for all areas regarding older children, but teachers’ choice of mathematical content area is not necessarily depending on the age of the children. Teachers’ frequency of observing and engaging children in mathematics is lower among those working with younger children but the difference is in general quite small. Significant and substantial differences appear in teachers’ attention to children’s mathematizing initiatives and problematizing number sequences, geometrical shapes and patterns.

Camilla Björklund

Camilla Björklund is Associate Professor in Education at the University of Gothenburg. She is involved in preschool teacher education and researches young children’s mathematical learning and the teaching of mathematics in preschool.

Wolmet Barendregt

Wolmet Barendregt is Associate Professor in Interaction Design at the University of Gothenburg. She is involved in teacher education and researches young children’s use of mathematics games as well as other learning technologies.