NOMAD 19(3-4), 2014

Skapad: 2014-10-22. Ändrad: 2014-10-22  

NOMAD 19(3-4), 2014

Exploring the mathematical knowledge of prospective elementary teachers in Iceland using the MKT measures

Björg Jóhannsdóttir and Berglind Gísladóttir


This article reports findings from a study carried out with prospective teachers at the University of Iceland. The study explores the mathematical content knowledge of participants, with a special focus on the understanding of numbers, operations, patterns, functions, and algebra. The mathematical knowledge is measured with interviews and a survey, translated and adapted from the MKT measures designed by Ball and the research team at the University of Michigan. The findings indicate that prospective teachers’ knowledge is procedural and related to the ”standard algorithms” they learned and used in elementary school. Findings also indicate that prospective teachers have difficulty evaluating alternative solution methods, and working with and understanding fractions.

Björg Jóhannsdóttir

Björg Jóhannsdóttir graduated with a PhD in Mathematics Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in May 2013. Dr. Jóhannsdóttir is an assitant professor of mathematics at California State University Stanislaus. Her main research interests lie within elementary mathematics education, especilly elemenatry teacher education, and in ways to assist students in experiencing mathematics as alive and creative subject.

Berglind Gísladóttir

Berglind Gísladóttir is a researcher at Reykjavík University, where she focuses on research. She got her PhD in Mathematics Education from Teachers College, Columbia University 2013. Dr. Gísladóttir’s research interests are, among others, teacher education and mathematics education, inparticular how social factors affect mathematics learning.