NOMAD 19(3-4), 2014

Skapad: 2014-10-22. Ändrad: 2014-10-22  

NOMAD 19(3-4), 2014

Common tasks of teaching as a resource for measuring professional content knowledge internationally

Mark Hoover, Reidar Mosvold and Janne Fauskanger


In the United States, extensive time and money has been invested in developing and validating measures of mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT). Although studies of adaptation of these measures generally conclude that they are useable in other countries, cultural differences in teaching prompt questions about whether theories and measures of knowledge for teaching are culturally specific. This article argues that the issue turns on the meaning of ”teaching” and ”tasks of teaching” and it recommends increased efforts to identify professionally defensible mathematical tasks of teaching that can serve as a common foundation for conceptualizing and measuring mathematical knowledge for teaching internationally.

Mark Hoover

Mark Hoover is Assistant Research Scientist in Educational Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. His research investigates the practice of teaching mathematics, including research on equitable teaching, measures of teacher knowledge and designs for collective work on teaching.

Reidar Mosvold

Reidar Mosvold is Associate Professor in mathematics education at the University of Stavanger, Norway. His research interests are related to mathematical knowledge for teaching, teacher beliefs and use of history of mathematics in mathematics education.

Janne Fauskanger

Janne Fauskanger is Assistant Professor in mathematics education at the University of Stavanger, Norway. Her main research interests are related to teachers’ beliefs and mathematical knowledge for teaching and their influence on teaching practice.