NOMAD 19(2), 2014

Skapad: 2014-06-25. Ändrad: 2014-06-25  

NOMAD 19(2), 2014

”Just-in-time teaching” in undergraduate mathematics

Kristina Juter and Jan-Fredrik Olsen


We compared five groups of students to investigate the effects of ”Just-in-time teaching” (JiTT), a method designed to both help students keep up with the often fast pace of undergraduate calculus and to deepen their learning. In total, 137 students participated in the study. The outcome is discussed in terms of conceptual and procedural knowledge in relation to examination and other assessment tasks. We observed an improvement on the assessed items and a shift in study habits.

Kristina Juter

Kristina Juter works as an associate professor in mathematics education at Kristianstad University in Sweden. She got her doctoral degree in mathematics and learning at Luleå University of Technology in 2006. Her research interests are, among others, students’ conceptual development at undergraduate calculus courses and mathematics teacher identity.

Jan-Fredrik Olsen

Jan-Fredrik Olsen has a PhD in pure mathematics from NTNU in Norway (2009), and is currently working as an associate professor in mathematics at Lund University in Sweden. While his research interests lie primarily in the meeting point between complex analysis and Fourier analysis, he has a strong interest in undergraduate mathematics education and the potential of technology to improve student motivation and learning.