NOMAD 18(4), 2013

Skapad: 2014-01-09. Ändrad: 2014-01-09  

NOMAD 18(4), 2013

Prolifing Swedish teachers’ knowledge base in probability

Per Nilsson and Torsten Lindström


This paper aims at profiling Swedish teachers’ knowledge base in probability. 43 teachers in compulsory school answered a questionnaire on probability estimation tasks and concept tasks. In the concept tasks, they were challenged to explain their solutions and the content involved in the probability estimation tasks. We distin- guish five patterns in the teachers’ knowledge profile: 1) a basic understanding of the theoretical interpretation of probability, 2) problems with structuring compound events, 3) difficulty with conjunction and conditional probability, 4) a higher degree of common content knowledge than of specialized content knowledge and 5) limited understanding of random variation and principles of experimental probability.

Per Nilsson

Per Nilsson is professor in mathematics education at the School of Science and Technology, Örebro University and associated professor at Linnaeus University. His research interests concern classrooms communication in mathematics, the nature of mathematical reasoning and knowledge for teaching probability.

Torsten Lindström

Torsten Lindström is professor in mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, Linnaeus University. His research interests concern dynamical systems with applications to biology. He has a teacher’s exam in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.