NOMAD 18(2), 2013

Skapad: 2013-10-15. Ändrad: 2013-10-15  

NOMAD 18(2), 2013

Preparing future teachers for interdisciplinarity: designing and implementing a course for pre-service upper secondary teachers

Uffe Thomas Jankvist, Jan Alexis Nielsen and Claus Michelsen


Educational researchers and policy-makers have for some time touted the need for interdisciplinary teaching. But while there are many educational, democratic, and economic arguments for bringing an increased attention to interdisciplinary teaching, there has been a striking lack of exposure of the question of how future teachers, who are largely educated in a mono-disciplinary fashion, can best become equipped to introduce genuinely interdisciplinary teaching activities to their future students. This article presents some preliminary reflections upon a graduate course at the University of Southern Denmark, which aims to prepare future science and mathematics teachers for interdisciplinary teaching, and which has been designed on the basis of influential theoretical expositions of the concept of interdisciplinarity.

Uffe Thomas Jankvist

Uffe Thomas Jankvist is associate professor of mathematics education at Aarhus University, Department of Education, Campus Emdrup, Denmark. In addition to the topic of interdisciplinarity, his research interests include the use of history of mathematics, applications of mathematics, and philosophy of mathematics in mathematics education, both from a theoretical and an empirical point of view, including also students’ beliefs about and images of mathematics as a (scientific) discipline. Besides being an editor of Nomad, he is currently involved in a new initiative at Roskilde University to design and implement an educational program for in-service upper secondary school mathematics teachers to become ”math counselors”.

Jan Alexis Nielsen

Jan Alexis Nielsen is postdoc at Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen. His research focus lies in student argumentation in interdisciplinary contexts and in competence assessment – in particular assessment of competencies that are ill-defined and manifest in processes. He has taught several courses in education and communication at bachelor, master and post-graduate levels.

Claus Michelsen

Claus Michelsen is associate professor of mathematics education at University of Southern Denmark, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. He is associate dean and head of the Ph.D.-school at The Faculty of Science at University of Southern Denmark. In addition to the topic of interdisciplinarity, his research interests include students’ interest in science and mathematics, informal learning in mathematics and science, teacher education and in-service teacher training.