NOMAD 17(3-4), 2012.

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NOMAD 17(3-4), 2012.

How mathematics students perceive the transition from secondary to tertiary level with particular reference to proof

Fulvia Furinghetti, Chiara Maggiani and Francesca Morselli


This paper reports on a research project concerning the difficulties met by undergraduate students in mathematics during the first year of university. Our aim is to provide elements for studying the transition from secondary to tertiary level as perceived by the students who live it. The combination of different analytical tools (questionnaires, interviews, problem solving and proving activities) allows shedding light on aspects which are not purely cognitive, but also pertain to the affective domain.

Fulvia Furinghetti

Fulvia Furinghetti is full professor (retired) in the University of Genoa. She teaches Mathematics Education in the Department of Mathematics of this University. Her research concerns beliefs, images of mathematics in society, proof, problem solving, use of history of mathematics in teaching, teacher professional development, and history of mathematics education. In 2000–2004 she chaired HPM (the International Study Group on the relations between History and Pedagogy of Mathematics affiliated to ICMI).

Chiara Maggiani

Chiara Maggiani graduated in Mathematics at the University of Genoa discussing a dissertation on the problems encountered by mathematics students in the transition from secondary school to university. At present she is going to obtain her specialization in mathematics teaching.

Francesca Morselli

Francesca Morselli is assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy and Education of the University of Turin. She teaches Mathematics Education to prospective primary teachers. Her research interests concern the intertwining of affect and cognition in mathematics teaching and learning, and the teaching and learning of mathematical proof.