Documentation of the PLA at NCM spring 2007

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Documentation of the PLA at NCM spring 2007

Program for Peer Learning Activity of the MST Cluster, May 21-24, 2007
National Center for Mathematics Education, NCM,
Göteborg University, Sweden

Monday 21
Morning Arrival, Hotel Gothia Tower, Göteborg

13.00 Welcome and introduction at NCM, Göteborg University
Bengt Johansson
The Swedish school system - focusing on mathematics education
Erik Henriks

14.00 The suggested program of the Mathematics delegation and reports from recent studies and national commissions of inquiry. What has happened after the Mathematics delegation? Lars Mouwitz, Anette Jahnke, Bengt Johansson

16.00 Time for discussion and evaluation

20.00 Welcome Dinner

Tuesday 22
08.00 Departure - by bus (20 minutes drive)
Learning Study in Mathematics - Visiting a compulsory school participating in developmental work in mathematics classrooms in cooperation with researchers Ference Marton and teachers at Öjersjö school, Partille municipality

10.00 Departure - by bus to Chalmers University of Technology (20 minutes drive)

10.30 Visiting Chalmers. Meeting students from lower and upper secondary schools participating in activities for increasing the recruitment of minority students to higher education, creating interest for MST. Started and run by students of engineering

12.00 Lunch. Then departure (by bus) to Borås 60 km from Göteborg

13.30 Visiting, "Navet" ("the Hub"), a Science Center focusing on mathematics
Lotta Johansson and colleagues

15.30 Time for discussion and evaluation

16.30 Back to hotel

18.00 A guided tour in downtown Göteborg

Wednesday 23
09.00 The National Center for Mathematics Education, NCM:

- Webbsites, Kangourou des mathematiques,
journals and literature: NÄMNAREN, N-TEMA, Normat, NOMAD
Anders Wallby, Karin Wallby, Ola Helenius and Johan Häggström

- Examples of national projects/initiatives for improving mathematics education
o International perspectives, Göran Emanuelsson
o The Biennial conferences, Göran Emanuelsson
o Small Children's Mathematics, a pre-school project, Lillemor Emanuelsson
o Hands-On Mathematics in teaching and in-service education, Lena Trygg

12.00 Lunch
13.00 Continuing …
- Matematikutvecklare - A national network and initiative for supervisors of mathematics for in-service education and school development at municipality level Elisabeth Rystedt

- Transitions from upper-secondary to university, a three-year project
Anette Jahnke

- Adults and mathematics, a vital subject and The EMMA-project
Lars Gustafsson

Suggested readings from Lars Gustavsson:

Rubenson, K. (2004). Global Directions in Adult Education Policy. In J. Stenøien, A.-M. Laginder, T. Mørkved, K. Rubenson & S. Tøsse (Eds.), Utfordringer for voksnes laering. Et nordisk perspektiv. Festskrift til Lars Arvidson (pp. 132-147). Trondheim/Linköping: Vox/Institutionen för beteendevetenskap, Linköpings universitet.

Barrow, R., & Keeney, P. (2001). Lifelong Learning and Personal Fulfillment. In D. Aspin, J. Chapman, M. Hatton & Y. Sawano (Eds.), International Handbook of Lifelong Learning (pp. 53-60). Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

- NCM - a summary
Ola Helenius

16.00 Time for discussion and evaluation

19.30 Dinner

Thursday 24
09.00 - The Swedish system for teacher training, Myrna Smitt
- The Swedish and Nordic graduate school of mathematics education
Barbro Grevholm
- Women and mathematics in Sweden, Barbro Grevholm
- National initiatives at The Swedish National Agency for School Improvement,
Anna Engdahl

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Discussions and reflections within the PLA Group
Presentations by some of the PLA participants
Preparing for the final report
Evaluating of the PLA
Closing remarks, Farewell, Departure

List of participants

Erik Henriks, Senior Advisor, The Ministry of Education of Sweden
Myrna Smitt, Deputy Director, The Ministry of Education of Sweden
Anna Engdahl, Director of Education, The Swedish National Agency for School Improvement
Barbro Grevholm, Professor of Mathematics Education at Agder University College, Norway and Kristianstad University, Sweden.

Öjersjö school, Partille
Ference Marton, Professor of pedagogy, Göteborg University
Johanna Wallinder, grade 1-7 teacher
Maria Bergqvist, grade 1-7 teacher
Joakim Magnusson, grade 4-9 teacher
Henrik Hansson, grade 1-7 teacher
Ingalill Carlsson, special education teacher
Tuula Maunula, grade 4-9 teacher
Christina Echevarria, grade 4-9 teacher
Tobias Sundin, grade 4-9 teacher

Intize, students of engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University together with lower and upper secondary school students

Lotta Johansson, Director
Nina Karlsson, teacher
Riitta Carlström, teacher
Anna Gunnarsson, teacher
Fedoua Beckerman, PhD
Sara Bagge, Licentiate

Jesper Boesen, Project leader, PhD
Göran Emanuelsson, Deputy director, PhD.h.c.
Lillemor Emanuelsson, Project leader
Lars Gustafsson, Project leader
Ola Helenius, Project leader, Editor, Normat, PhD
Johan Häggström, Editor, Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education, NOMAD
Anette Jahnke, Project leader, Licentiate
Bengt Johansson, Director
Lars Mouwitz, Investigator, PhD
Elisabeth Rystedt, Project leader
Lena Trygg, Project leader
Anders Wallby, Web Editor
Karin Wallby, Editor NÄMNAREN

Useful websites and information in relation with Sweden and Swedish education

The Swedish National Center for Mathematics Education, NCM, Goteborg University - The official gateway to Sweden
The Swedish National Agency for Education,
The Swedish School System and Steering documents
National Assessment and Grading in the Swedish School System
The Swedish National Agency for School Improvement
The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education
The Ministry of Education and Research
The Government and the Government Offices
The Riksdag
Statistics Sweden, Education and Research

Some unedited pictures from the days in Göteborg