NOMAD 12(1), 2007. The Nordic Graduate School

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NOMAD 12(1), 2007. The Nordic Graduate School

The third summer school of NoGSME

In June the third summer school of the Nordic Graduate School in mathematics education will take place in Laugarvatn in Iceland. Laugarvatn is a small school community 93 km from Reykjavík. The sports and health science faculty of Iceland University of Education is located there. The interest for this summer school is high and we expect about 40 participants from all the Nordic and Baltic countries. A few participants come from other countries. The scientific leaders in the working groups during the summer school will be Abraham Arcavi from Israel, Marcelo Borba from Brazil, Marianna Bosch from Spain and Eva Jablonka from Germany/Sweden. Participants will spend most of the time in working groups, discussing research questions, theoretical frameworks, relevant literature, data collection and analysis, results and conclusions of the students’ projects. But there will also be a series of workshops, lectures by the group-leaders followed by discussions and a social programme. Opportunities to discuss one’s research project individually with the scientists or other doctoral students will be offered in the free time. An excursion to interesting places nearby will be offered. The programme is guided by the experiences from the earlier summer schools and the organisers have listened carefully to students suggestions.

The fourth workshop of NoGSME

Mathematics and language is the theme of the fourth workshop, which will take place in Uppsala on April, 26–27, 2007. The workshop is a joint enterprise of NoGSME and the Swedish Society for Research in Mathematics Education, SMDF, and has attracted 25 participants, both doctoral students and more experienced researchers. The workshop starts with two lectures by invited speakers. Heinz Steinbring will talk about Central issues of mathematical communication in the classroom. Another lecture will be given by Candia Morgan and she has chosen the title Discourse theoretic approaches to studying mathematics education. After this hopefully inspiring and challenging introduction participants of the workshop will be invited to present their own projects and discuss them with colleagues. There will be a panel discussion on themes related to mathematics and language and the different presentations.

Doctoral courses in the Nordic countries during 2007/2008

We hope that doctoral students have started to plan for the courses they will take during the next academic year. Added to the local courses there is a choice of course through the Nordic Graduate School. As in earlier years Agder University College will offer Theory of science from a mathematics didactics perspective, Theories of teaching and learning mathematics in the autumn, and in the spring probably either Problem solving, Meta perspectives in mathematics and mathematics learning in a technological environment, or Methodology in mathematics education. The later course has 16 participants at the moment of writing, which is the most ever.
We are also preparing a course on Research on assessment in mathematics education, which will be given by Umeå University in collaboration with NoGSME. In the autumn we hope to offer in Denmark as alternatives a doctoral course and workshop on the theme Justification of findings in mathematics and science education research, with particular regard to the role of theory in such justification. It can be used as a course by doctoral students and as a workshop by the supervisors. Planned dates are 21–23 of November, 2007. If you are interested in taking part of any of these courses we would like to know that as soon as possible. Most of the courses are given as distance courses with physical meetings at a few occasions during the semester. The courses will of course be given only if there are enough students interested in taking part. As usual doctoral students in NoGSME can get travel support to go to courses outside their own university.

A half way evaluation of NoGSME

NordForsk, our funding partner, is organising a half way evaluation of all the Graduate Schools, including NoGSME. Thus some of the doctoral students and supervisors in NoGSME will soon be asked to answer a self evaluation. We hope that you will be willing to do this. The self evaluations will be read by a committee of experts, who will judge the value of our activities. The director of NoGSME is then invited to meet this committee and discuss the outcome. The outcome of this evaluation is depending on honest contributions from participants in the activities of NoGSME.

Norma08 in spring 2008

The fifth Nordic conference on mathematics education is hosted in Denmark in April, 21–25, 2008. As in 2005 NoGSME will offer some arrangements in connection to this conference. It could be a seminar for supervisors maybe just before the conference and/or a workshop during the conference.

Mobility stipends for doctoral students

We would like to remind doctoral students of the opportunity to apply for mobility stipends to go to another Nordic university. The stipend can cover travels and accommodation for a one to two month stay. Those students who have used this opportunity found it highly rewarding. NoGSME can offer five such stipends each year. You can for example stay with another group of researchers and doctoral students, who are working with areas of research that are of interest to you. Or you can take especially relevant courses and get external supervision if agreed with the ordinary supervisors. An added value of such stays is that you get acquainted to other traditions of work and organisation than you are used to in your home university. It offers a fruitful experience for you future research career and might even open for a later position as post doctoral student or research assistant.

Other future plans and the new web address

In May 10–11, 2007, a Baltic conference on mathematics education will take place in Riga: Teaching mathematics: Retrospective and perspectives, the 8th international conference. Following that on the 13th of May NoGSME organises a one day seminar for supervisors in the Baltic countries with the theme concerning writing of scientific papers in mathematics education. NoGSME will also offer a seminar for supervisors on October 10–12, 2007. More information about that seminar will be given later. We have succeeded in getting an easier address for the NoSGME web-pages. Try out
Agder University College will soon introduce a new web portal and after that we hope that the NoGSME web pages will be more accessible. So you can try to follow announcements for future events on the new web pages.
As always any suggestions for themes to treat in seminars or workshops are welcome. Just contact anyone among the board members.

Barbro Grevholm
Director of the Nordic Graduate School